We believe in long-term, sustainable relationships. This year, Bergs Timber is celebrating its 104 years. To be precise, the company that was long known as CF Berg & Co. was founded in 1919. In the Baltics, our primary owner Norvik has been in the industry since the early 1990s when the operation of Byko-Lat, with its processing of wood products, began being built up in north-east Latvia.

But we are more than our history. We are proud of the modern, efficient facilities our Group now contains. With modern production based on customer orders and a unique product range, we want to be the preferred choice for you, our customer.

Our Bitus plant in Nybro, Sweden, is one of the largest in Europe for producing wood preservatives. We want to have a sustainable relationship with our environment. Accordingly, we are continually developing new possibilities. We are proud of many things, such as fire-retardant timber that is 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. This creates major possibilities for the construction of tomorrow.

We are entrepreneurs, and we have an organisation in which responsibilities are decentralised. Security and reliability are shared by the entire Group. Today, we have about 850 employees in the Bergs Group. If you would like to build a sustainable relationship with us, you are always welcome to contact us.

We want to purchase timber from sustainably managed forests, and as a forest owner you should feel comfortable with us as a partner in the forest. We adapt ourselves to you and your forest, and make the best use of your timber in our facilities. Here you will find our purchasers.

We want to help people make sustainable, climate-smart choices. Wood binds carbon dioxide, which makes an investment in Bergs a sustainable investment. We want to have a transparent, sustainable relationship with you as an investor.