The core markets for Bergs comprise Sweden, the UK, the Baltics, Rest of Europe, North America, the Middle East and North Africa, and Japan.

Wood products from Northern Europe are in demand in many markets and there is a long tradition of exports.

Based on product range and the demand situation in different countries, the Bergs Group’s various subsidiaries have found interesting niches in many different markets. The largest market is currently in Europe, but there are exciting trends in North America, for example, where an ageing property stock needs to be renovated and maintained.

The development of the renovation, conversion and expansion (RCE) sector is positive in many markets, which benefits the Bergs Group’s subsidiaries that deliver timber for conversion and joinery. Also important is the market for single-family homes, where our subsidiary Byko-Lat has the possibility of meeting the needs in the market with a new production facility for pre-fabricated houses.