Our offering

The Bergs Group’s various subsidiaries endeavour to develop, manufacture and sell products that will fulfil important functions and add value for customers and users.

The use of wood is continually increasing, both in products and in construction. The properties of the material, with its ability to bind carbon dioxide – both as a finished product and through growing forests – has prompted our efforts to find many customised applications.

To meet growing demand and the needs of various customer groups, the operations have been divided into three different segments.


In the Sawmills segment, Bergs offers sawn and planed timber products from two different sawmills that process raw forestry materials into various dimensions, lengths and qualities. Total capacity is approximately 400 000 cubic metres of sawn product, which makes Bergs a significant European player.

Product range
The product range is primarily oriented towards various construction applications, for example, roof trusses, panels, studs, laths, beams and the like. A large part of the product range is planed and customised prior to delivery.

Processed products

In the Processed products segment, Bergs offers wood products in several different areas.

Products for construction and renovation
Houses, house modules, special and standard product ranges of doors and windows.

Garden products
Garden products encompass windbreaks, fences, privacy screens, noise barriers, frameworks for above-ground swimming pools, and furniture. A range of sofas and seating groups for gardens and picnic areas constitute one part of this product group.

Wood preservation
Timber intended for use above ground, underground and in water must be treated with preservatives to protect the timber against moisture and rot. The Group’s Bitus subsidiary in Nybro, Sweden impregnates wood with preservatives and is one of Europe’s largest producers of wood preservatives.

Pellets and fire logs
Our Fågelfors subsidiary manufactures and sells pellets for heating and fire logs for burning in iron and tiled stoves. Both products are manufactured using by-products from sawing and planing operations in the Group.


This segment encompasses the Group’s distribution operations and a harbour in the southern UK.

Examples of applications for Berg’s sawmill products:

Examples of processed products: