Our operations

Bergs is based in the Baltic Sea region. With raw materials from sustainably cultivated forests, often in close proximity to our facilities, our subsidiaries process wood products for selected customer groups and markets around the world. Strong local units form the foundation for competitive operations

Customized processing

Local entrepreneurship is important in Bergs. The business is run on a decentralized business model with a high degree of self-determination within each subsidiary.

This means that local managers have a clear responsibility for the results of their operations and that they feel great responsibility for the business, its customers, staff and suppliers. At the same time, a local touch is maintained where we aim to be a respected player in society.

Each subsidiary also has the task of monitoring and proposing appropriate acquisitions if it can improve the company's ability to take market shares or increase profitability.

Byko-Lat has two specialised plants in Lathvia. The Valmiera unit manufactures processed wood products such as windows, doors and pre-fabricated houses. The Cesis unit produces garden product lines such as fences, benches, tables and wooden deck flooring. The company also manufactures an extensive product line sold in various DIY markets.

Bitus, in Nybro, Sweden, is one of Europe’s largest facility for production of wood products treated with preservatives. Its main products are Bitus Scandex, which is the umbrella term for all classes of traditional wood preservatives.

The largest volumes are produced in the BS class (UK), NTR class (Scandinavia) and CTB class (France/Spain, etc.). In addition, our Linax product is produced in an ultramodern facility here.

Manufacture of pellets and fire logs for heating with a capacity of 90,000 tonnes. The Facility also contains planing operations.