The Berg Group

The Berg Group consists of independent subsidiaries with clear responsibility for results that develops, produces and markets processed wood for different applications and for different markets.


Wood Protection

Share of turnover: 44% (1,392 M)
Products: Treated wood (impregnated, fire-protected, etc.) according to international standards and environmental requirements.
Uses: Common applications are, for example, facade panels, house frames, wooden decks and similar constructions where requirements for durability and aesthetics are high.
Subsidiaries: Bitus, Byko Lat, Woodworks by Bergs, Bergs Timber UK



Share of turnover: 15% (495 M)
Products: High-quality wood products such as doors, windows, detached houses, outdoor furniture and garden products.
Uses: Renovations and extensions, renovations, new constructions.
Subsidiaries:  Byko Lat, Woodworks by Bergs


Sawn Wood

Share of turnover: 35% (1,117 M)
Products: Sawn wood products for the construction trade or for further processing of industrial customers.
Uses: Renovations and extensions, renovations, new constructions.Input products for other industries.
Subsidiaries: Vika Wood, Laesti


Energy & Logistics

Share of turnover​: 6% (190 M)
Products: Pellets and heating logs for heating.
Uses: Heating of homes and stable pellets for horse and riding facilities. Harbour.
Subsidiaries: Fågelfors, Byko-Lat, Baltic Distribution Ltd