The Berg''s Group

The business is conducted via wholly owned subsidiaries in Sweden, Latvia, Poland and England and includes five different specialized product areas.

Note: The numbers are based on Group sales for the third quarter 2023. 


Doors & Windows

Share of turnover: 23%
Subsidiaries: Performance Timber Products Group, Pinus, Timber Windows Sweden
Visit our subsidiaries: Performance Timber Products GroupTimber Windows Sweden

The product area includes the marketing, design, manufacture and installation of high-quality and custom-made windows and doors. The market consists of both owners of private homes with high demands on quality and appearance, as well as a contract market for major redevelopment projects in culturally historically valuable environments. Manufacturing takes place at our own production facilities in the UK, Poland and Latvia.


Furniture & Components

Share of turnover: 20%
Subsidiary: Hedlunda Holdings
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The product area includes the manufacture of furniture and furniture components based on renewable wood raw material. With high demands on quality, capacity and durability, wood raw material is processed into furniture and components that are packed and distributed to users in a large number of countries.

Manufacturing is carried out at two units. One in Sweden (Lycksele) and one in Poland (Skoczow).


Wood Solutions

Share of turnover: 21%
Subsidiaries: Bitus Latvia, Bitus UK, Bitus Sweden, Woodworks by Bergs
Visit our subsidiaries: Bitus LatviaBitus UKBitus SwedenWoodworks by Bergs

The product area includes a wide range of refined wood products used in construction, renovations, home improvements, public and private outdoor environments and furniture production.

Most products and applications within Wood Solutions are based on effective wood protection such as impregnation, heat treatment or other effective wood protection treatment that ensures protection against rot, fire and significantly extends the life of the products with minimal maintenance. The product area also includes the design and manufacture of small houses. Operations are conducted at its own facilities in Sweden, Latvia and the United Kingdom.


Sawn Wood

Share of turnover: 28%
Subsidiary: Vika wood
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The product area includes the processing of timber that is sawn into boards and planks in varying dimensions and lengths and which is sold to international industrial customers for further processing. The business is conducted at a sawmill in Latvia. Certified raw material is procured from sustainably managed forests in the Baltic Sea region.



Share of turnover​: 8%
Subsidiaries: Baltic Distribution Ltd, 
Visit our subsidiaries: Baltic Distribution Ltd,

Within Logistics Berg’s conducts operations at a harbor facility in south-east England.