Sustainability at Bergs

Bergs has adopted a sustanability stretegy, which are an integral part of the company’s overall business strategy. The plan intends to strengthen business operations based on a holistic perspective of sustainable development. It was developed in dialogue with groups (employees, investors and customers) and includes key performance indicators (KPIs) with time limits. The KPIs are indicated and reported for the Group as a whole, and comprise a benchmark for initiatives in the different business units. As a stage in governance and coordination, a Sustainability Council was established in each business unit for the purpose of strengthening sustainability initiatives and working out specific priorities for each business unit. The units’ sustainability initiatives are coordinated by the Group’s Head of Sustainability. The sustainability plan is intended to include sustainability priorities in investments, support business units toward continual improvement, train and engage employees, and monitor and report annually on outcomes.

For a detailed description, please refer to the formal sustainability report that is included in the Annual Report for 2021 and can be found under Investors.

Johan Eliasson

Environment and Sustainability Manager

Phone: 010-199 84 86

Mobile: 070-612 15 88