Annual general meeting

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The 2018 AGM was held in Hultsfred on Thursday 25 January 2018

Around 80 shareholders and guests took part in the meeting.
The AGM proceedings were led by Lawyer Martin Ågren.
CEO Peter Nilsson held a speech about the general situation in the industry.
All board members were re-elected: Sampsa Auvinen, Åke Berg, Michael Bertorp, Lars Gustafsson, Jon Helgi Gudmundsson and Magnus Wennerholm. Lars Gustafsson was re-elected as chairman of the board.

Summons to the AGM
Appendix 1. Agenda. 
Appendix 2. The nomination committee's proposal. 
Appendix 3. The board's proposal. 
Appendix 4. The principal shareholders' proposal. 
Appendix 5. Auditor's opinion on compensation. 
Appendix 6. Application, power of attorney.
Appendix 7. Minutes.

Press release from the AGM
Annual report 2016/2017. ​