Nomination committee

At the annual general meeting, Bergs Timber shareholders resolve how preparations for the election of directors and auditors should be done. Shareholders have the opportunity to submit nomination proposals to the nomination committee.

The Nomination Committee is responsible for preparing and presenting proposals to the chairman, board members, board fees (divided between the President, Members and committees), chairman of the meeting, and the election and remuneration of the auditors. The nomination committee's proposal is submitted in conjunction with the summons to the next AGM.

The annual general meeting of 8 May, 2019 resolved that the Bergs Timber nomination committee will comprise the members listed below. It was further resolved that should any member of the nomination committee resign prematurely, the chairman of the board together with the principal shareholder will appoint a replacement.

Board members


Bertil Lönnäs

Board assignments:
Board chairman, Cellwood Machinery AB

Shareholding in Bergs Timber AB:


Michael Bertorp
Board member

Education: Jur. Kand. from Lund University.
Member since 2017, Chairman of the Board since May 2018.

Other Board assignments:
Stadshypotek AB, Xact Kapitalförvaltning AB,
Idevall & Partners Fonder AB samt Maderna Corporate Services AB.

Shareholding in Bergs Timber AB: 50,000 shares


Brynja Halldórsdóttir
Board member

CFO, Norvik Group

Board assignments: -

Shareholding in Bergs Timber AB: -

Nomination committee contact

Phone: +46 703-33 72 37