Our subsidiaries

Bergs processes raw materials from sustainably managed forests in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

The Group has a decentralised business model built on strong, entrepreneur-driven subsidiaries with a high degree of self-determination. Committed management groups who are deeply familiar with production, markets, people and local communities are responsible for the earnings in their respective companies and feel a great sense of responsibility for conducting and developing their operations.

Group Management establishes targets that are continually monitored while synergies in such areas as purchasing, markets and IT are routinely leveraged and developed.

Our segments

Bergs largest customer groups are distributors of timber products, construction contractors, housing manufacturers, floor manufacturers, furniture and carpentry companies, construction companies and customers in bioenergy and heating. To meet growing demand and the needs of various customer groups, the operations have been divided into three different segments.

In the Sawmills segment, Bergs offers sawn and planed timber products from six different sawmills that process raw forestry materials into various dimensions, lengths and qualities.

Total capacity is approximately 400 000 cubic metres of sawn product, which makes Bergs a significant European player. Operations are conducted in Sweden, Estonia and Latvia.

Processed products

  • Products for construction and renovation
  • Garden products
  • Wood preservation
  • Pellets and fire logs
  • Sales and marketing

This segment encompasses the Group’s distribution operations and a harbour in the UK.


Processed products

Bitus in Nybro and Broakulla

Impregnation and wood protection

Sale of processed wood products and houses

Manufacture of processed wood products for the DIY trade

Manufacture of pellets and fire logs



Sales and distribution activities for wood products

Port and distribution operations