Our subsidiaries

The Bergs Group consists of a group of independent subsidiaries with clear responsibility for financial results that develops, produces and markets processed wood for different applications and to different markets.

Local entrepreneurship runs Bergs

Each subsidiary in the Bergs Group develops, manufactures and markets products and services to customers within the construction trade - both for professional users and for the Do It Yourself segment - as well as for builders and contractors and to industrial customers. (For information on product areas, see About Bergs)

The companies may be in different parts of the value chain, but have in common that they process wood from sustainably managed forests in the Baltic Sea region.

Management and governance are delegated from Group level to the respective subsidiaries that are responsible for earnings and capital tied up. Each subsidiary manager is also responsible for strategy, product development, sales and customer care, brand issues and must also have a good knowledge of the market to find suitable acquisition candidates who can contribute to developing the company.

The organization

  1. Bergs
    1. Bitus

      1. Sale
      2. Wood Protection
      3. Plaining mills
      4. Pellets
      5. Sourcing
    2. Timber Windows Sweden

      1. Sales to businesses
      2. Sales to consumers
    3. Vika Wood

      1. Sawmill
    4. PTP Group

      1. Timber Windows
      2. Mumford & Wood
      3. Dale Joinery
      4. Stonehouse Corinium
    5. Baltic Distribution Ltd

    6. Pinus

      1. Wooden Windows and Doors
    7. Hedlunda Holdnings

      1. Sweden (Lycksele)
      2. Poland (Skoczow)