The subsidiary Bitus in Nybro, Sweden, manufactures a range of quality-controlled impregnated wood products for both the Swedish market and for export markets.

The product range includes wood, exterior panels and planed joists / posts that are both green and brown impregnated wood. In addition, there is also finishing of painted panels and facade elements.

Bitus has an annual production of approximately 150,000 m3 of timber per year, of which approximately 60,000 m3 constitute its own products. The main part is produced on behalf of several external products and brands.

Bitus has its own strong brands, of which Bitus Scandex is the largest in terms of volume and includes all types of wood protection of a more traditional type or what is often described as green impregnation.

In addition to traditional pressure-impregnated products, Bitus also offers a wide range of special products. One such is the Linax brand, which is NTR-treated wood that is further treated with linseed oil under vacuum.

Under the Burnblock brand, wood is produced which is fire protection treated in various dimensions for house construction. The business is conducted in collaboration with Burnblock ApS in Denmark, which has developed a fire protection agent that is fixed in the wood raw material via impregnation.

These special assortments are produced on a contract basis for various product and trademark owner.

In addition, there are some special assortments for different applications, including Thermowood (heat-treated wood) and Organowood (silicone-based pressure impregnation).

Roger Eckerstig