Wood Tube (Share of ownership 29%)


Paper-based studs
The innovation company Wood Tube has developed a patented paper stud for the manufacture of interior walls and furniture frames. The studs are made of paper raw material and become an alternative to studs made of steel or wood. The product makes it possible to build more climate-smart, reduces construction costs and improves the carpenters' working environment. After a period of product development, certification and securing patent protection, the company is now ready for a more commercial phase.

Berg's role in Wood Tube
In this phase, Bergs secures the financing of a production facility for industrial production of studs. Bergs receives an ownership of 25 per cent in Wood Tube and will actively work to develop the company together with other owners and employees. Berg's investment amounts to approximately SEK 8.5 million. The commitment is completely in line with Berg's ambitions to develop and refine sustainable products from forest raw materials.