Environmentally friendly building materials for sustainable development

Wood is a renewable primary product that is part of nature's own cycle. It’s tomorrow’s building material.

When we build wooden houses, we bind carbon dioxide for a long time. Bergs Timber contributes to a more sustainable society by using as much of the log timber raw product as possible. It's here we do the most good for the climate and help with the transition to a bio-economy.

Sustainable forest management

Forest felled to become sawn timber is reforested by planting and self-seeding. Biodiversity in forestry is essential if we are to achieve sustainable development and ecological balance.

Forestry and industrial wood construction provide more jobs in rural areas and help the whole country earn a living. 



Wood construction program

It only takes a few minutes for Swedish forests to produce the material for a multi-storey wooden building. Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway are among the countries that have adopted national wood construction programmes to increase the use of wood in construction.

The importance of the forest for carbon balance

Trees take up large amounts of carbon dioxide from the air. Using the Sun's energy and photosynthesis, trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the building blocks for tree growth and in this way carbon is stored in the growing forest.

Felled timber is turned into wood and paper products, and also into biofuels that can replace oil and coal. The stored carbon is retained in the products. Wooden houses are particularly important because they bind carbon for a long time. When the products finally decay or are burnt, the carbon dioxide is absorbed by trees and returned to the cycle.

Because the annual timber harvest in the Nordic countries, Estonia and Latvia is less than the growth rate, the amount of bound carbon increases from year to year. The forest acts as a carbon sink and helps keep the addition of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere in check.